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Edward Mytkowski, Director

Edward started his banking career with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) as a graduate. After several years with CBA’s New York office, he returned to Australia in 1991 to head up the Structured Finance team in Sydney with a primary focus on large ticket domestic and international leveraged leases and structured financing opportunities.  During the late 1990’s Edward implemented a strategic shift in CBA’s leveraged leasing business from tax arbitrage opportunities to emphasis on capital management, asset optimisation, and true asset risk transfer.  These changes placed the Bank in a unique position to grow the Bank’s residual value business.  During this period some of the transaction concluded by Edward included:

  • Satellite leases for Optus Communications ($600 million).

  • Leverage leases over a large portion of Vodafone’s mobile telephone network ($240 million).

  • Major leveraged leases for Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors for their tooling, assembling and robotics lines ($350 million combined).

  • Equity participation in numerous aircraft leases to Qantas.

  • Acquisition of $1.0 billion of Melbourne passenger rail and tram assets through long term leases to the then Franchisees Connex and National Express group.

  • $350m of operating leases for Woolworth’s store refurbishment programs.

Edward then became responsible for CBA’s Project & Infrastructure Division and his role was later expanded to head professional teams focused on manufacturing and diversified industries, corporate infrastructure assets, acquisition and merger financing, and project financing opportunities. His responsibilities later included leadership of teams operating across the oil & gas, metals & mining, utilities, and energy sectors. Edward was closely involved in all major transactions undertaken under his leadership of the group. Some of their key successes included:

  • Joint lead arranger of $2.4 billion for CLP’s acquisition of Singapore Power energy assets. 

  • UK power asset financing of $500 million for MGN and Northern Gas UK pipelines, the Bank’s first major financing of regulated UK power assets.

  • Financing of Oxiana’s Sepon Gold and Copper Project in Laos.

  • Establishment of a $50 million mezzanine and quasi equity financing facility to fund advanced stage project developments in the resource sector.

Edward’s last major project for the CBA was as team leader on a complex leveraged operating lease of over $750 million of mining equipment for the Leighton Group.


In late 2006 Edward moved to Keybridge Capital, an ASX listed financial services company, as General Manager. Until it became capital-constrained at the onset of the global financial crisis, Keybridge invested largely in aviation, shipping and infrastructure assets including wind farms in Germany and solar PV projects in Spain.  Edward developed and implemented the strategic direction for the transport group and was involved in submitting investment proposals directly to the Keybridge Board for consideration and approval.  Keybridge Capital investments were either equity or structured as sub-ordinated loans into a range of financing structures.  In addition, Keybridge Capital would also arrange co-investments with some of its high net worth family, or institutional shareholders.


Edward has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Sydney.

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